The word “radio” is not usually associated with dentistry, unless it is referring to background music in the office. But at Martin Dentistry, we offer radiosurgery in Stockton, California. Our talented dentists can use radiosurgery to make many of your treatments at Martin Dentistry easier. If this sounds intriguing to you, you can call 209-951-4251 to see if Dr. Doug, Dr. Dax and Dr. Sky, can make it a part of your next visit.

Radiosurgery was the brainchild of Dr. Irving Ellman, a dentist and electrical engineer. He is credited with creating many of the innovations in dental technology we use today, including the rotosonic scaler. Dr. Ellman began experimenting with integrating radio waves into dentistry. This work eventually led to the Dento-Surg® radio frequency devices. This instrument uses diathermy to deliver heat through shortwaves, microwaves or ultrasound. This allows our dentists to perform many procedures, including oral surgery, with a bloodless incision and a minimal amount of tissue damage. This translates into greater comfort and a shorter healing time for you. To discover the benefits of radiosurgery, call our office today for your appointment with our dentist. Our team looks forward to helping you improve your oral health and your smile!