The dentists and team at Martin Dentistry embrace leading-edge technology in every aspect of your care. We utilize CAMBRA ozone treatments in Stockton, California, to address several smile problems, including periodontal disease, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity, and while performing root canals.

Ozone is an oxygen particle with a negative charge, as opposed to the positive charges found in free radicals, viruses and bacteria. In the body, ozone will seek out and penetrate the walls of the bad cells and destroy them. Dr. Doug, Dr. Dax or Dr. Sky can inject ozone-charged water into a cavity to destroy the bacteria that causes decay, which may allow our dentists to place a filling without numbing you first. During a root canal treatment, the dentists can use ozone to sterilize the chamber and speed healing. Our dentists can also inject this ozone-charged water under your gumline to fight the bacteria that causes gum disease. As an added benefit, ozone will re-calcify your tooth, increasing its health and strength.

To learn more about CAMBRA ozone treatment and to see if we can use it during your visit with Dr. Doug, Dr. Dax or Dr. Sky, call our office at 209-951-4251 to plan your appointment.