When it comes to managing dental anxiety our dentists and the team at Martin Dentistry understand that different patients have different needs. Among our sedation options, our office provides therapeutic drug injection in Stockton, California to reduce your stress and discomfort during certain treatments. If you would like to see if Dr. Doug, Dr. Dax or Dr. Sky can make this a part of your next visit, call our office at 209-951-4251 and speak with a member of our team.

Therapeutic drug injection is a form sedation for patients who may not need moderate to strong sedation. It is often used for treatments and cases that do not normally require IV sedation, such as prophylactic treatments dental restorations and simple oral surgery, but in which the patients still need help with their anxiety. This treatment provides a low level of sedation that is effective for a short period of time by raising the patient’s pain threshold to a level that any discomfort will not cause distress. It is more cost effective than normal IV sedation and can still dramatically reduce anxiety. If you select this form of sedation, you will remain and awake throughout your treatment.

If you would like more information about this sedation option, contact our office today.