What to Do When You Are Waiting for Emergency Dentistry

What to Do When You Are Waiting for Emergency Dentistry from Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CAEmergency dentistry can provide immediate relief from the discomfort that you may be experiencing. While waiting for your turn, you can do a few things to help your situation. Knowing what to do can prepare your teeth and gums for urgent treatment.

When waiting for emergency dentistry

If a patient wants to know what they can do while waiting to see an emergency dentistry professional, here are the details.

For gum abscesses

A gum abscess is a common case in emergency dentistry. This is when a pimple-like lesion appears on the gum tissue. It is a sign of a gum or tooth infection, and in most cases, it is painful. It will need either a root canal, extraction, or antibiotic therapy.

Gum abscesses need immediate emergency dentistry treatment. While waiting for the appointment, refrain from draining or popping the lesion. Maintain usual dental hygiene practices. If the patient cannot see the dentist on the same day, early the next day will be fine.

For tooth abscesses

Also known as a pulpal abscess, a tooth abscess is a sign that the tooth is dying, infected, or already dead. It will need a root canal. The abscess is often not visible, so the patient will need a dental X-ray and a physical dental exam by an emergency dentistry professional.

Symptoms are extreme pain while chewing, sudden pain, and tooth sensitivity. The discomfort may distract the person. Going to an emergency dental clinic can help relieve the pain. Gently placing a cold compress over the painful area can reduce the ache while waiting.

For gum bleeding

Gum bleeding can be a sign of either gingivitis or periodontal disease. If there is persistent bleeding after a recent dental extraction, seeing an emergency dentistry provider can help. While waiting, the patient must keep their head upright at all times, even while sleeping. Sudden presence of blood in the saliva will necessitate a visit with an emergency dentistry professional. This type of bleeding could be a sign of a serious illness.

For pain while biting or chewing

A possible cause of this type of pain could be muscle pain due to bruxism. It could also be a pulpal abscess or even a cracked tooth. An emergency dentistry provider can determine the root cause of the pain. From there, the patient can get the right treatment. It will be ideal if the patient can see the dentist on the same day.

The patient may need a dental crown for a cracked tooth. This will prevent the patient from having to get a dental extraction or a root canal. Refraining from using the affected tooth while waiting can prevent the crack from worsening.

For a knocked-out tooth

An emergency dentistry professional can typically replant a tooth within 30 minutes of it being knocked out. Calling the urgent dental care facility ahead of arrival can help the dentist prepare. Picking up the tooth by its crown is essential. The cells in the root must be intact for a successful reattachment. Rinse the tooth carefully and immerse the tooth in whole milk. This will keep it hydrated and alive while traveling to the clinic.

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Helping yourself while waiting for your turn at the emergency dentistry clinic can improve your situation

Your natural teeth are important. Trying to keep a tooth intact after an infection or injury requires effort and quick thinking. Going to an emergency dentistry facility in your area can restore your dental health. Working with your dentist can prevent the emergency from happening again.

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