Go to an Emergency Dentistry to Deal With an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Go to an Emergency Dentistry to Deal With an Impacted Wisdom Tooth from Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CAAn impacted wisdom tooth requires emergency dentistry treatment. This type of tooth develops underneath the gums. It typically does not erupt above the gumline because there is no room for it. Impaction causes severe, distracting pain. If you want to know why you should go to an emergency dentistry facility for impacted wisdom tooth treatment, here are the details.

Impaction is a dental emergency

Wisdom teeth do not always grow upward and out of the gumline. In some individuals, a wisdom tooth will remain underneath the gum tissue and stay there even after full development. At this time, the tooth will push against the neighboring tooth, causing pain.

The impacted third molar will keep pushing against the nearby tooth until it moves. This can cause overcrowding and misalignment. The impaction can also cause severe pain and gum and tooth infections. This problem needs emergency dentistry treatment, which will likely involve an extraction.

The signs and symptoms

Knowing that the wisdom tooth needs emergency extraction can help prepare the patient for the procedure. The most common symptoms of wisdom tooth impaction are pain, stiffness, and inflammation. The patient will start to experience sensitivity when biting or chewing. The incomplete eruption of the tooth can trap bacteria and food particles between the gums and the wisdom tooth. Severe cases involve bleeding around the wisdom tooth, fever, and difficulty moving the jaw. The emergency dentistry facility will tend to the patient right away to relieve these symptoms.

The need to remove wisdom teeth

Some people have enough room in their upper and lower jaws for all their wisdom teeth, so the teeth erupt properly. These individuals may not need wisdom tooth extraction. For other people, wisdom teeth eruption can be agonizing. The process can even cause damage to the neighboring teeth. Here are a few common reasons for extracting impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Cysts can grow around the impacted wisdom tooth’s crown.
  • Dental misalignment often happens when the wisdom teeth push against the other teeth.
  • Infections often develop because the impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean.
  • Dental damage from the impaction can occur if the wisdom tooth keeps pushing against the adjacent teeth; the risk of damage increases if the patient has a previously filled or treated tooth.
  • Gum disease and dental decay can also happen; the back of the third molar is difficult to brush and floss, and that is why it is prone to infections.

The basics of wisdom tooth extraction

Most impacted wisdom teeth will need a dental extraction. The emergency dentistry provider will clean the area first and then numb it. The dentist will carefully slice through the gum tissue and cut the impacted wisdom tooth into smaller pieces. This will enable the dentist to pull out the pieces one by one.

The empty dental space will then go through a thorough cleaning and disinfection. The emergency dentistry professional will close up the area by suturing it. The self-dissolving thread will melt away as the opening heals and seals. This process will restore the gum area and free the rest of the teeth from pain and pressure.

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An emergency dentistry treatment can deal with your impacted wisdom tooth

Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause pain and infection in the mouth. It can also cause misalignment and sensitivity when performing dental functions. An emergency dentistry professional can remove the problematic impacted wisdom tooth and relieve your discomfort. The procedure may take a while, but the results can improve your quality of life and dental health.

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