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Martin Dentistry is a Stockton based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, veneers and more.

We also perform emergency dentist services that include bonding, root canals, crowns, and bridges. As a local dentist, we create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families and work to ensure that they receive treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Dr. Doug, Dr. Dax, and our team invite you to schedule an appointment by calling 209-299-7907 and experience why our patients think Martin Dentistry is the best dentist in Stockton.

Board-Certified Implant Dentist

Douglas Martin, DDS

One of the most well-known and trusted dentists in California, Dr. Douglas Martin has practiced dentistry in Stockton since 1975. With the ability to solve the simplest to most complex dental reconstructions, our board-certified implant dentist specializes in implant services for patients throughout the Sacramento, Modesto, Lodi, Manteca and Stockton areas. To ensure the comfort of our patients, we can perform care with all forms of conscious sedation and have done so since 1975.

With over 25 dental implant systems available, Dr. Doug is able to provide implants for various restorative dental needs and for almost any budget. If you have been told that you are not a candidate for implants because of bone loss, or that implants are over your budget, please call us for a second opinion. We have an implant solution for any condition of bone and most budget demands.

Dr. Douglas Martin graduated from the University of California in 1973 and served as an assistant clinical professor in the university’s prosthetics department in the late 1970s. From 1975 to 1983, Dr. Doug placed more than 600 dental implants at his Stockton dental practice. With this base of knowledge and experience, he decided to focus on implants, and in 1984, he began associations and training with:

  • Dr. Douglas Martin went to and graduated from UCSF
  • The Misch Resnik Implant Institute, Loma Linda (graduate of advanced implantology)
  • Implant dentist Dr. Bob James
  • The Tatum Institute
  • The American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • The International College of Implantology
  • The Pacific Implant Center
  • UC San Francisco Implant Maxi courses
  • Academy for Implants and Transplants
  • The Indian Society of Oral Implantologists
  • The American Dental Society of Europe
  • To become and remain a leading implant dentist in multimodal implantology, Dr. Douglas Martin has completed more than 1,600 hours of continuing education in implantology. For 32 years, Dr. Doug has devoted himself to learning more about dental implant systems. He has studied every type of technology available to the advanced implant dentist. He has been trained and tested in all of the implant systems described on this site, with the exception of the obsolete transosteal implant system. Using the implant systems in which we have expertise, there is no case which we cannot complete, usually without bone grafting prior to placing implants.

    Other Professional Associations:

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology
  • Fellow of the International College of Implantology
  • Master of the Academy of Implants and Transplants
  • Member Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society
  • California Dental Association Life Member
  • American Dental Association® Life Member
  • San Joaquin Dental Society Life Member
  • Researcher at the University of Alabama on the long-time survival of HA coated CoCrMo
  • Examiner for the Dental Board of California for IV sedation licenses
  • Dr. Doug has taught implant dentistry since the mid-eighties, working closely with Dr. Larry Lum, the University of California Maxi courses and several post-graduate courses and study clubs. He also conducts ongoing research on custom-made HA coated CoCrMo implants in conjunction with the University of Alabama’s Department of Biomaterials. Dr. Doug has also worked on the design for a number of dental implant systems and is currently a partner with Quantum™ Dental Implants.

    Not only is Dr. Doug involved in all facets of implant dentistry, but he also has an interest in sedation dentistry. He is currently an examiner for the California State Board of Dental Examiners conscious sedation section. Dr. Doug has also taken and taught numerous dental hypnosis courses from the 1970s through the 1990s.

    A Personal Glimpse
    Dr. Doug has been married to his wife, Wanda, for over 53 years. They have six children, including Drs. Dax Martin, Sky Martin, and Ian Martin Esq. His son Wes Martin is a building contractor, and Dr. Doug has two daughters, Kim and Vicki. In addition, they have five granddaughters. Dr. Doug is a life member of a number of organizations, including the National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, the Ed Stewart Post of the American Legion, the Firth of Forth Clan of the Royal Order of Scotland, The National Sojourners and the National Rifle Association . In addition, he is a member of a number of other social and community service organizations.

    One visit with Dr. Doug and you will realize he is honest and trustworthy. His primary focus is to help people get the care they need. Contact our skilled and caring implant team to learn more about how Dr. Douglas Martin can treat your dental needs.

    Dr. Dax

    Dax Martin, DDS

    Dr. Dax Martin has been with Martin Dentistry for over 20 years, providing excellent dental care to the community. He attended Linden High School, Delta Junior College and the University of California at Davis. He received his Bachelor of Science in dental science from the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. He graduated from the University of California at San Francisco with his Doctor of Dental Surgery.

    Dr. Dax also worked with the local dental society for San Joaquin County for four years. He will be serving as an officer for the organization in 2022. He has been certified for conscious sedation since 2019.

    Dr. Dax has also served on the board for Stockton Family Camp at Silver Lake, where he and his family have camped every summer since he was a child. He volunteers monthly at St. Raphael’s, providing free dental care for the community. He also volunteers for the Give Kids a Smile program. He is an Eagle Scout, and he served as a camp counselor for Marin Sierra for three years.

    Dr. Dax has been married to his wife, Sena, for 15 years now. Sena holds a Bachelor of Science in genetics from the University of California at Davis. They have three daughters who are constantly amazing him. Maili, who is now 13, has her second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, performs with Changing Faces Theater Company, is learning to play the piano and is performing very well with her school work. Cali, who is now 9, is working towards her first black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is also learning piano and is performing well with her school work. Their youngest Dakota, 6, also takes Tae Kwon Do lessons, is learning piano and doing well in her studies. They all love camping, playing games and hanging out with their friends and family.

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    Photo of Martin Dentistry Back Office Staff

    Back Office Staff

    Photo of Martin Dentistry Front Office Staff

    Front Office Staff



    Wanda is the Chief Executive Officer of our dental practice. You may see her around the office when you come in — if you need to see the boss, she’s the one! Dr. Douglas Martin has worked for Wanda for 40 years. Wanda has been in the dentistry field for most of those forty years and played a significant role in Dr. Martin’s decision to become a dentist. She got her “PhT” in 1973, the same year Dr. Martin graduated from the University of California, San Francisco.


    Office Manager

    I have been in the dental field for 20 years. I first got started in dentistry because my godfather is a dentist. I started out working front desk and really enjoyed customer service and helping people. I later started doing insurance and billing. I have been in dental management for seven years. I really enjoy working in dentistry and seeing everyone involved in making a difference in our patients smiles and dental well-being. My favorite part of my job is seeing someone who is afraid of the dentist or hasn’t ever had a good experience have their first good experience here with us in our office.


    Accounts Payable

    Hi! My name is Gary. I was born and raised on Long Island in New York State. I didn’t leave until I turned 18 and went off to college. I went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and graduated in 2014. I never thought I would work in the dental field, let alone do accounting, since I studied politics in school and that is actually my degree. I was first introduced to Martin Dentistry when I was a paralegal working in the adjacent suite (my old office is actually one of the operatories on the new side). My boss and I would frequently eat lunch with the dental office staff. I was offered this job then but turned it down. Fast-forward to last year. The law office moved and I was a freelance paralegal. I was doing some work for my old boss when we dropped in on the dental office and I was offered the job again. This time, I said yes. If you had told me when I was in school that I would be doing accounting work in 2020, I would have laughed, but I love my job and the people I work with every day. I wake up every day with renewed purpose and a passion for my job. Thank God for Martin Dentistry.


    Insurance & Billing

    My name is Melody. I have been working in dentistry off and on for over 40 years. I happened into the field of dentistry by chance. A friend of mine in high school was leaving and offered me her job working part-time for a dentist. I really enjoyed the work and decided that was what I wanted to do. I then went to dental assisting school when I moved to Stockton from Long Beach. It has always been a very fulfilling job, and I have enjoyed it very much. I took a break when I had my family. When my children were grown, I decided I wanted to work in dentistry again. I started working for Dr. Martin in June of 1999. I have enjoyed every moment and am here to help anyone with questions about insurance or their statements.



    My name is Karla Howard. I am a registered expanded functions dental assistant for Dr. Dax Martin at Martin Dentistry. I graduated from Andon College in Stockton, California, and have been working in the dental field since 1992. I enjoy making our patients feel comfortable and at ease in our office, which is why I decided to go into dentistry. ln my free time, I like to garden and spend time with my family and two dogs.


    RDA & Front Desk

    My name is Carol. I am a registered dental assistant and receptionist. I graduated from the Weber Institute Medical Academy in 2002. I have always admired a beautiful smile, and while having my routine cleaning, I decided assisting is what I wanted to do. I then went to California College in 2003. I started as a dental assistant, and in 2005, I became a RDA. I am trained in both the front and back office. I have been in the dental field for 17 years and love what I do. The best part of my job is making a difference in our patients lives. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family and fish. I also like to hike and spend time at the beach.



    Hello, my name is Paula Adams and my past experience with dentistry is what made me want to become an RDA. I’ve had numerous procedures done and all were positive. I love helping people and wanted to share the positivity of my experiences to help dispel the fear and anxiety associated with dentistry. I graduated from Carrington College in May of 2016 with a 4.0 and a certificate in dental assisting. I passed the state boards in June of 2016 and became an RDA. ln August of 2016, I started working at Martin Dentistry, fulfilling my dream. During my off time, I enjoy spending time with my family and going to Santa Cruz and Yosemite.



    Hello, my name is Kimberly. I have been a native of Stockton most of my life. I have a son that I love with all my heart. I joined dentistry to help people. When I was a patient in a dental office they were so nice and took such good care of me. I decided I wanted to get into dentistry. I wanted other people to have the same experience that I did. This would give me the opportunity to treat people with the same help and kindness that I received. I attended Carrington College for Dental Assisting School. Not long after completing my schooling I was hired as a Dental Assistant at Martin Dentistry. Shortly after getting hired I received my R.D.A. License. I may be new to the field of of Dentistry but it has been an amazing ride to see the Martins at work. It is inspiring to see how the doctors care for their patients! One of the things I enjoy the most about dentistry is everyday I learn something new.


    Dental Hygienist

    Jessica has been an active part of the dental field since 2018. She started as a Dental Assistant working directly with Dr. Douglas Martin right out of school. She worked hard and studied and attained her R.D.A. shortly after coming to work for Martin Dentistry, where she quickly became very passionate about dentistry. After being inspired from the work here at Martin Dentistry, she chose to further her education and abilities to help patients by becoming a Dental Hygienist. Jessica excels at making patients feel at ease with her genuine personality and understanding nature, thus building confidence, trust, and friendship with each patient. She is extremely devoted to educating patients in Oral Hygiene according to their individual needs. She loves it when her patients show continued improvement in their oral hygiene and she feels deeply for her patients, when they are in need of help. She is engaged to be married to the love of her life. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking. She has 2 little dogs, 2 cats and an African Gray Parrot. Jessica enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family.




    Dental Assistant

    Hello, I am Melinda I have 4 beautiful children that I adore and I am a native of Stockton. I originally wanted to be a police officer right out of High-school, that did not happen due to an age requirement. My councilor recommended I go into the dentistry field and I did. I graduated from Maric College in 2006 with my Dental Assisting Certificate. I’ve been in the dentistry field for 17 years. I also have had an Oral Maxillofacial Surgical Assisting(OMSA) License since 2018. One of the reasons I love woking in dentistry, is being able to help patients. It really feels good when you have a patient that is afraid of dentistry and they have such a wonderful experience and they feel safe and trust us that they start wanting to come to the dentist on there own or enjoy coming in for there dental appointments. It warms my heart, when we are able to help patients who come in to see us because they are in pain, but they leave Martin Dentistry happy, without any pain and they are grateful to us for helping them. I also love it when our patients are happy and confident because we were able to restore there mouth and they go home with a beautiful brand new smile!

    Photo of Martin Dentistry Staff
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